Easy steps to get Canada PR Visa

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Canada Immigration – Express Entry System

Immigration to Canada is considered one of the best options in the world for people seeking a better quality of life. It has many opportunities for professional development, as well as personal improvement. It is the best place to settle for those who seek a better quality of life for themselves and their families. In addition, Canada’s immigration process is more open, flexible and easier to use compared to the immigration process of other developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is easier to qualify. Canada also offers a solid system of health care, public education and social welfare, which is one of the best in the world and has a very low cost.

Eight Easy steps to get Canada PR Visa

One of the most popular and frequently used routes for immigration to Canada is the Canada Express Entry program. Below are 8 simple steps in which you can apply for the Canadian PR visa successfully through Express Entry

Eight easy steps for applying for Canada PR through Express Entry

Easy steps to get Canada PR Visa

Complete Language Ability Test:

One of the main requirements for Express Entry is proof of language ability. You must take the IELTS to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively in the English language. You can also take a relevant French language exam such as Test de evaluation de Francians (TEF) to further improve your ranking.

Education Credentials Assessment (ECA):

If your education was completed outside of Canada, it is advisable to complete an education credential assessment (ECA). Completing an ECA can provide 150 additional points to your comprehensive ranking score.

Creating your profile for Express Entry:

You will need to create a profile for yourself online on the IRCC website to start the process of your Express Entry

Get an Invitation to Apply:

Once your application is approved and you qualify the CRS score threshold in the Express Entry Draw, you will receive an Invitation to apply. Once you receive an ITA, you must send a completed application within the next 60 days.

Complete verification of Medical and Criminal Records:

You must complete a medical check-up with a doctor from a qualified medical panel approved by the Canadian immigration authority and send it to the IRCC. In addition, you must obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from each city where you have resided for more than six months continuously in the past.

The application is reviewed by the Canadian Immigration Officer:

During this step, you will not have any active parts, but your profile will be reviewed by an immigration officer. However, you must be ready to provide any additional requirements if requested, during this stage.

You will receive confirmation of the Permanent Resident Status:

During this step, you will receive confirmation of your permanent resident status. You can get your request processed faster in certain categories. For example, If you submit the application in the Canadian Experience Class, your request will be processed within 3 to 4 months. You will receive a COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) card in this step.

Apply for Permanent Residence Card:

Congratulations! This is the last step for your immigration process in Canada and you are now qualified to travel to Canada. You must request your PR card and you can use it to travel in and out of Canada whenever you want.

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