Benefits Of CANADA Express Entry in 2019!!

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Canada Permanent Resident Visa is your ticket to permanently settle in Canada. It allows you to live and work anywhere in the country. The status of Permanent Resident also makes you eligible to attain various governmental and social benefits available for Permanent Resident Visa holders.

Your PR card is a proof that you are living in Canada on legal terms and can fully enjoy the following legal rights and social benefits in the country.

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Legal benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa

  • Right to be a legal civilian of the country
  • Right to gain education/ study anywhere in the country
  • Right to gain employment/work anywhere in the country
  • Right to leave and re-enter to the country
  • Right to have access to health facilities & schemes available to general public
  • Right to apply for Citizenship after spending 3 consecutive years in the country
  • Right to sponsor your relatives & friends in the country

Permanent Resident Visa allows you to reap various legal and social benefits offered by the government of Canada. Even to become a Citizen of Canada, the initial step is becoming Permanent Resident of Canada first. A Citizen enjoys many other benefits in addition to the above rights and benefits. For example, Right to Vote and participate in government making decision is only given to a Citizen of the country. 

Take your first step towards Canada Citizenship. Apply for Permanent Resident Visa now!

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